Hymn to Nature

Nature bestows reliable happiness

Her gifts made self-evident.

O Benevolence O Providence

Her mark appears on all things

As perceived by that ruling principle

She has disclosed to my heart.

Such gifts that are given,

This life, the most bespoke of treasures

Unfolding order, never unrequited, Amor Fati

She who has fitted this to that

And given me my beloved role to play.

O Benevolence O Providence

She who has perfected this world

And invited me to participate

In this festive season amongst great works,

O how I long to remain pious and gently touch

The marble of Her creation.

O Benevolence O Providence

And when by her esteem my own marble might chip

The pain of each stroke the sculptress’ blessing

For she reveals in me the character of my soul

And let it make her weep with delight.

In such trial her devotion is made clear

For, Nature has given me all that is required

And every talent and virtue to call on.

O Benevolence O Providence

You have made me many limbed

So that I may care for myself a thousand-fold,

In this clearing you reveal me to myself

And all torment is made tranquil.

O Benevolence O Providence

My cup runneth over,

Every good has found its way into my heart.

—Courtney Shipley.






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    Thank you, Courtney, for this beautiful prayer, Regards Jodie

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