We host the following events:

Brisbane Stoics

Monthly Meetup NewFarm Park

For locals of Brisbane, we have a monthly meetup that takes place on the second Sunday of each month.

We meet at 9.00am Sunday at Newfarm library in library meeting room (adjacent to main building). You can also find Brisbane Stoics at

More information on Meetup.

Let’s Read: Philosophy, Literature and Psychotherapy

Let’s Read: Philosophy, Literature and Psychotherapy (Facebook reading group)

For all you bibliophiles who love discussing Stoicism and Philosophy in general AND Literature and Psychotherapy (and many other intellectually stimulating topics) come along to our Facebook group.

We post readings and meetup over Zoom to discuss the readings. The group has been running since 2020 and we have covered many interesting texts including Pierre Hadot ‘Philosophy as a Way of Life’, Martha Nussbaum ‘Therapy of Desire’, Boethius ‘The Consolations of Philosophy’, Aristotle ‘De Anima’, St. Augustine ‘The Confessions”, John Sellars ‘Stoicism’, Plato – various Dialogues and many more.

Follow the link and join us there if you are keen to read and discuss and help to build a community dedicated to discussing and contemplating the life of the mind!

Let’s Read: Philosophy, Literature and Psychotherapy